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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not a COMPLETE Failure...

Well, I would chalk up my photo trip to the beach as a complete failure with the exception of one thing. At least now I know what doesn’t work. If I know what doesn’t work then I’m getting somewhere and I refuse to be beat by this experiment. Everything is a learning experience so I’m still holding my head high! It’s very obvious to me at this point that I am simply not going to be able to get the shot without a neutral density filter and it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a polarizing filter as well. My camera obviously does not have the range I need to accomplish what I’m trying to do. So I have a dilemma, do I invest in the filters now or do I wait until I get a DSLR? I don’t think filters are that expensive so maybe I’ll go ahead and get them.

The shot below was taken in AUTO mode at with the following settings:

1/160 sec
ISO 100


On this next image I slowed down my shutter speed to 1/10 sec and went to the lowest possible F stop my camera would accept which was f/8. The picture didn’t terribly over expose, but I still didn’t get the blurred effect I wanted with the water. I expected that the fastest shutter speed I could use and get the desired results would be 1 sec. All the information I’ve studied indicated that 1 to 1.6 sec is the fastest shutter speed you can use.


Sooooooo… I gave it a try. I just can’t reach a low enough f stop to keep the photo from over exposing. The only visible thing is a tiny portion of the tree line on the far right of the image. So the only options are to buy a camera with a better range of settings or try it again with a filter. Since I don’t feel comfortable spending $1500.00 on a camera just yet, I’ll try the filters and see what happens. Meanwhile I’m sure I can find another effects project to keep me busy.


At first I was confused as to why I managed to accomplish it to a small degree in the previous post. Then it occurred to me it may have something to do with the speed of the water as well. The water coming from the spring was moving at a much greater speed than the waves slowly rolling in… So I think speed of the water could play a big factor in the picture as well. Sounds like a rational thought, but I haven’t read it anywhere… we’ll see.

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